Saturday, October 12, 2013

{these hugs are contagious}

I must warn you. These hugs are contagious. 
Yes, contagious....and I'm not talking about the "oh, he's so cute. His hugs are so contagious, I just can't get enough of them." kinda contagious. I'm talking about my baby boy had his first run-in with the oh so lovely Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease.
*insert tears here.
So, at 9 weeks old we had our very first ER visit. 
I am not an ER kinda girl. I don't like going to the ER. I usually go to the little clinic or my doctor, but at 2am when your 2 month old has a fever of 102.8 and they tell you to go to the go to the ER. 
So we did.
It really wasn't a horrible experience. The hospital staff made things super easy and were all very lovely, nice people. We were in and out in about an hour. Easy diagnosis. The bad thing about any virus is that you basically have to wait it out, let it run its course and treat the symptoms. There is no easy fix.
Lots of fever and crying. Poor baby's mouth hurt because he got a few blisters on his palette and tongue and drinking his milk hurt. He only would sleep on top of me and would cry if I put him down. 
So, I spent a few days at home trying to get baby boy all better. 
We are in the clear now. Fever free and smiling.
Thank God.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

{9 weeks}

{9 weeks}

Started daycare.
Trying to roll over. 
Starting to hold you toys.
Still smiling at mommy & daddy 
and kicking those legs non-stop!

It was a big week for us. You started daycare and mommy went back to work. I am so happy that you seem to love daycare. You are happy in the mornings when we bring you and also when we pick you up in the afternoon. You have slept though the night every night this week and mommy sure thanks you for that! It has made for a very happy mommy!

You are still kicking those legs non-stop and trying to roll over. You only can get halfway and get mad when you can't roll all the way over, but it's okay little man because it will happen soon. 

Your "puppy brother" Obi is loves spending time with you. He is going to be your best buddy. He loves to be next to you and even give you kisses on your toes. 

And yes, I have to admit we let him give you some face kisses on your cheek too. 
It is the cutest thing ever.