Sunday, February 2, 2014

{Mixing it up}

Today was a blah, cold, rainy day. 
I can't even explain how ready I am for nice, sunshiny weather. And I am not the only one... I mean just look at him! This kid is ready to play outside!!!
Hurry up Summer!!!!
I am really inspired by Deegan's playfulness lately since he is just learning to play and wanted to mix it up with his wardrobe to show his fun and playful personality off. Oh and I've also been waiting for the perfect outfit for Deegs to wear his H&M hat and this was it! 
Isn't it the cutest?

As you can see I am not afraid of mixing it up with colors/patterns too and since it was raining I had the perfect excuse to rock my leopard print rain boots today!

I can't forget....
This was my favorite photo of the day...Deegs and my sis.
I love them both. 


Baby On Mind said...

He is adorable! Thanks for sharing his pictures!

Melanie Montgomery said...

Oh he's so precious. I just love his face. I WANT TO EAT HIS FACE.
I used to think people were creepy when they said that about babies, but now I get it.