Saturday, January 11, 2014

{5 months}

You are 5 months now. You are getting bigger and bigger everyday but you are still my baby. You still love to cuddle. Sometimes I tickle you just to hear you laugh. 

You have the best laugh. 

Yes. I took pictures of you crying. You don't like it when mommy can't give you all of her attention. Dishes had to be done little man. Bottles had to be washed. You will understand one day. 
And look at those two teeth!!! 

You look so different from when you were born. I still look at the videos on my phone of the day you were born. It was truly the best day of my life. 

Your eyes are now hazel.
 Just like your Daddy's eyes.
They still turn blue like when you were born if you are wearing blue and they light up when you smile.

You are learning how to sit and play with your toys. 
It is just so fun to watch you learn and play. You put everything in your mouth and try to chew on it.
And you drool  and slobber on everything! 
 I love you just as much as the day as you were born. 
Actually. That is a lie.
I love you more and I know I will love you more everyday.
You are growing up but you are always going to be my sweet baby boy. 
Love, Mommy.