{A little about me.}

Hi. I'm Michelle.

I am 30. I should just type 31 since my birthday is in less than a month.
I am happily married to my best friend. 
He is my everything and we are finally a family of three. 

It took us over 8 years, fertility drugs, a miscarriage. a failed IVF, and one amazing embryo adoption for us to have our little Deegan. 

It was all worth it. 

Every tear, every disappointment, every negative pregnancy test, every holiday wishing we had a little one to share it with, every thought of giving up and just not being able to, everything....it was all worth it because we have him now. 

Every decision we made and step we took moving forward was leading us to him 
because he was meant for us.
 I truly believe we were just waiting for him and he was waiting for us.  
This blog is about us. Our journey. Our life. Oh, and a little something called Embryo Adoption.