Saturday, November 21, 2015



Its been forever since I have updated this blog. 
Seriously FOREVER. 

Our lives are busy to say the least. We moved back home to Louisiana and it has been a non stop roller coaster! Moving, new jobs, buying a new house. It has been a busy few months. 
And all with a two year old. 

A very active two year old. 
 This boy doesn't slow down. 

His favorites right now are toons. Especially "Buzz", which means Buzz Light Year from Toy Story. 
He loves "Trucks" - Hot Wheels. 
Oh, and freezy pops. 
 He sleeps with his shoes on almost every night, sometimes rain boots. 
He talks non-stop and catches on to new words quickly.

We are working on potty training and he is doing very well. 

Life is good. 
As busy at it has been I am so grateful for an amazing year with my little family. 
I couldn't be happier.

Christmas photos 2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015


 This is what TWO looks like!!!

My sweet boy, I could look into those hazel eyes forever. 
You are the sweetest boy. You love your mommy and daddy and we love you back times a million. 
I couldn't imagine my life without your sweet smile. 
Even though two is challenging, we sure are going to miss these days one day when you are all grown up. 
You know how to keep us on our toes!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

{Fall Bucket List - Jones Orchard.}

Pennington Fall Bucket List 2014

 I love fall. 
Everything is better in fall. 
The weather is better. The crisp air in the mornings feels amazing and it's just cool enough to layer your clothes. By the way - I seriously love layering clothes. The colors of the trees are better, I love red, orange and yellow trees. Starbucks is even better in the fall. Food is better. Everything is seriously better!

Winter, blah. Least favorite season. But lets not even think about that right now. 
Let's just focus on fall and our family bucket list this season!

First week of Fall and we already check one thing off of our list! 

Apple picking at Jones Orchard!


My baby (toddler?, no no, no....still my baby!) is putting his sixteen teeth to good use these days! 
This was his first real apple. I'm pretty certain that he liked it. 

I love his sweet face so much. 

I know that he will never remember these moments, but I cherish them and I hope that one day he looks back on all of these little memories and knows that we celebrated him every season. We embraced every moment. We showed him our love, not by material things but by spending time with him and letting him experience the world.  That's what really matters the most.

Jones Orchard | 14 months

Sunday, August 31, 2014

{13 months}

{13 months}


You are hilarious. Your personality is the best. 
Your faces, your smile, your laugh. 
All the best. 

So, you finally watch a little tv. You practically run in the room if you hear Mickey Mouse. 
You dance to the Hot Dog song. 

Well, you dance to EVERYTHING. 
Anytime you hear music....dancing. You bend your little knees and dance.
Cutest thing ever.

You are a daddy's boy.
I get just a little sad when you want daddy more that me, but it's will be back. Boys always need their mamas.

You are so full of life.
We love you more and more everyday. 
Love, Mommy.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Deegan is ONE!!!
 I can't believe it has been a year already. 
Oh and yes, I am a complete slacker on this blogging stuff. 
Serious slacker.

 In my defense - I am chasing after a one year old now. Have some pity on me people. 

 For any of you that stumble upon this blog and do want to know more or follow our day to day, find me on instagramL heyitsmishi7. All the fun stuff is on there, I promise! So, look me up!

Here are some of the photos I took from Deegan's one year session. I wanted something a little different and his first birthday party was nautical themed so this was perfect. The location was a little hard to find at first but my mom told me about this little park close by and can you believe that this creek was a few feet off the path? Perfection. It was exactly what I was searching for!

My mom and Dean helped make this little pallet boat that I love.
It's amazing what you can do with very little supplies. 

And here is our baby boy....I mean toddler.
Wahhhh! That's the sound of me crying. 
It just all happened way too fast!


I think that little pouty face is my fav. I love it as much as his smile.
This boy has mastered so many expressions and each one tugs at my mama heart. 

He is such a little explorer. 
Loves getting into everything. Notices everything. 
Smart as can be.

 This year was so full of first times. 
I loved and cherished every single one as best as I possibly could. 
I can't imagine my life without this little one in it. He has made our little family complete in a way we never could imagined. Although our days are full and our "me" time is about 15 min a day if we are lucky, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love every moment of being Deegan's mama. 

Deegan's stats:
22.9 oz | 30 in.
Says: Mama, Dadda, Bubba, "Yum, yum, yum" and bye.
Fav. Foods: Blue berries, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, cheese and any kind of bean. He is pretty serious about beans. 
Favorites: Playing outside with sticks, Bath time, and dadda. 
Dadda is kinda his fav. right now, but that is okay. It is amazing to watch their relationship grow. 
Mama is going to catch those snuggles when she can and cherish each one. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

{Mixing it up}

Today was a blah, cold, rainy day. 
I can't even explain how ready I am for nice, sunshiny weather. And I am not the only one... I mean just look at him! This kid is ready to play outside!!!
Hurry up Summer!!!!
I am really inspired by Deegan's playfulness lately since he is just learning to play and wanted to mix it up with his wardrobe to show his fun and playful personality off. Oh and I've also been waiting for the perfect outfit for Deegs to wear his H&M hat and this was it! 
Isn't it the cutest?

As you can see I am not afraid of mixing it up with colors/patterns too and since it was raining I had the perfect excuse to rock my leopard print rain boots today!

I can't forget....
This was my favorite photo of the day...Deegs and my sis.
I love them both.