Saturday, September 27, 2014

{Fall Bucket List - Jones Orchard.}

Pennington Fall Bucket List 2014

 I love fall. 
Everything is better in fall. 
The weather is better. The crisp air in the mornings feels amazing and it's just cool enough to layer your clothes. By the way - I seriously love layering clothes. The colors of the trees are better, I love red, orange and yellow trees. Starbucks is even better in the fall. Food is better. Everything is seriously better!

Winter, blah. Least favorite season. But lets not even think about that right now. 
Let's just focus on fall and our family bucket list this season!

First week of Fall and we already check one thing off of our list! 

Apple picking at Jones Orchard!


My baby (toddler?, no no, no....still my baby!) is putting his sixteen teeth to good use these days! 
This was his first real apple. I'm pretty certain that he liked it. 

I love his sweet face so much. 

I know that he will never remember these moments, but I cherish them and I hope that one day he looks back on all of these little memories and knows that we celebrated him every season. We embraced every moment. We showed him our love, not by material things but by spending time with him and letting him experience the world.  That's what really matters the most.

Jones Orchard | 14 months

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