Saturday, November 21, 2015



Its been forever since I have updated this blog. 
Seriously FOREVER. 

Our lives are busy to say the least. We moved back home to Louisiana and it has been a non stop roller coaster! Moving, new jobs, buying a new house. It has been a busy few months. 
And all with a two year old. 

A very active two year old. 
 This boy doesn't slow down. 

His favorites right now are toons. Especially "Buzz", which means Buzz Light Year from Toy Story. 
He loves "Trucks" - Hot Wheels. 
Oh, and freezy pops. 
 He sleeps with his shoes on almost every night, sometimes rain boots. 
He talks non-stop and catches on to new words quickly.

We are working on potty training and he is doing very well. 

Life is good. 
As busy at it has been I am so grateful for an amazing year with my little family. 
I couldn't be happier.

Christmas photos 2015