{Deegan's Nursery}

Come on in and check out Deegan's nursery. 

When we found out we were having a boy I didn't know really where to start with his nursery. I knew that
really wanted a room that Deegan could grow up in. I just kinda found things as we went along. 
The crib was one of the first pieces we picked out and I loved how it was so masculine and sturdy. I loved the color. The dresser that matched was EXPENSIVE so I found one on craigslist. It was a hideous, ugly, old dresser and my husband worked his magic to make it awesome. It matches his crib perfectly and is a beautiful piece. We changed out the hardware on it and it really is the perfect dresser.

There are so many special pieces in his room that family and friends put a lot of love and hard work into. 
The chevron bedding was made by my mom and means so much to me. I knew I wouldn't be able to find what I was looking for in bedding at a retail store. I love that my mom made his bedding. She is so talented. 

Accents on his dresser - a wreath my sister made for Deegan's shower, a truck from my in-laws that a floral arrangement was in that was delivered to the hospital and a metal basket that my mom found me to put his burp cloths and blankets in.

I love this little monkey. It was a sweet gift and I hope Deegan will carry it around with him until it falls apart. I hope he loves it as much as I do.

I knew I wanted his nursery to have special accents of "home". Home is Louisiana. The crab and alligator are reminders of home. I have wonderful childhood memories of crabbing with my family in Grand Isle.I hope that oneday my Deegan will go to Grand Isle and have memories of crabbing with his grandpa.

I really hope Deegan likes hats. He has a nice little collection of them....and ties. 
I can't wait to see him in his cute hats 
.Of course he had to have a hat rack so daddy made him one to match his dresser and crib.

 I love this little wall. Daddy reads Deegan lots of his books and I am pretty certain we will need a bookshelf added in his nursery because he is going to get lots of books for gifts. 

Deegan's toy crate is a one of a kind. 
My parents bought it plain and put casters on it. I added the letter "D". 

My sister-in-law made this sign for Deegan's artwork as he gets older. It was the perfect addition to this wall. There are little magnets to hold up his artwork or school work.

One of my favorite parts of Deegan's room is his dutch door that his daddy made us. It was the perfect solution instead of having a baby gate for the dogs. He did such an awesome job cutting the door and putting it all together. I love it! I can walk past his nursery and see inside every time or we can close the whole door shut if we ever need to.

Crib: Babies R Us.
Dresser: Craigslist
Globe:Hobby Lobby
Metal Basket: JoAnn's
Burp Cloths: Handmade by me, my mom and gifts. 
Chair: Marshall's.
Letters: Hobby Lobby.
Bedding: Handmade by my mom.
Banner: Handmade by my friend.
Hat rack: Handmade by my husband.
Look what Deegan made sign: Handmade by my sister-in-law
Crate: Homegoods, but updated by my mom with casters-from Lowe's and the letter "D" - from Hobby Lobby.
Wreath: Handmade by my friend.

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