Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{7 weeks}

7 weeks.

You are:
Smiling so big.
Sleeping better through the night.
Stealing our hearts more and more everyday.

This smile.
It is everything I ever wished, hoped, dreamed or had an aching in my heart for.
It is everything to me - to see his this little face light up with so much joy and excitement makes my heart so happy. 

He doesn't know it yet but he has brought our family and  friends so much joy. 
He is so loved already. 
We are all just watching and waiting to see who he is, who he will become. We are embracing every little personality trait we can see come through and soaking up every single moment we can soak up with him in our lives.

The smiles are getting bigger and bigger.
 Sometimes there is also a little laugh or squeal and are often because we are talking to him. He smiled at me when I was singing. I guess I should mention that I sing horribly but I guess he loved it anyways because he was in the middle of a little breakdown hissy, crying fit. I was holding him in my arms and started singing. He just stopped, looked into my eyes and smiled the biggest smile. The crying was over.

I think he likes music. 
He really likes when I play my ipod, especially when he is falling asleep. It seems to soothe him yet I am really questioning his taste in music now since he like my singing so much.

 I started writing Deegan a journal. 
It is for him, but also for me. I want to remember all the little things. I want to capture those firsts and all of the feelings I am experiencing being his mother. I am pretty sure I am going to pour my whole heart into it and he is going to think I am a big sappy mess, but if he reads even one sentence when he is older and understands how much I love him - it will make me happy. When my heart almost hurts because it is so filled with love I sit and write and hope that one day he will read how much joy he has brought me.

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Melanie Montgomery said...

I love that face he's making in the tub. I call that his suspicious face, he makes it at me sometimes when I hold him. ha.