Friday, September 13, 2013

{Dear Deegan - 6 weeks.}

6 weeks. 

You are:
 Smiling a lot. 
Trying to roll over. 
Enjoying bath time.
Mr. Fussy Pants until mommy holds you to sleep.


These are some of my favorite moments with you. 
I am loving all the little snuggles and cuddles we are having right now. I know that they are not going to last very long. You won't be this little forever. (that makes me a little teary eyed already) You won't need to listen to my heart beating to fall asleep. So, right now I am cherishing these moments. You really love laying on me and are not liking your crib at night. I am afraid I may have spoiled you, but it is so hard not to because you are just so darn cute! It is so hard for me to put you in your crib at night. I know I this isn't going to be good when I go back to work soon. You are going to challenge me, I already know.

My body has become used to operating on only a few hours of sleep each night. You are so worth waking up for every night. You are worth all the dirty diapers and crying fits too. I promise. 

I hope with all of my heart that you know how much I love you.
I can not even express in words how much I adore you. You were worth the wait. I would wait all those years all over again for you because you were meant for us sweet boy. You truly make daddy and I so happy.

 Last night you tried to roll over. You got halfway and passed out. I was kinda happy. As much as I am excited about you rolling over, it kinda scares me. It means I really can't look away - even for a second.
You are growing up so fast and are so amazing. 

You also know my voice - you look around to find me when you hear my voice and you wake up when you hear daddy come home from work.
 You don't really interact with your puppy siblings yet but don't worry - you will soon. Obi gives you kisses on your toes and Vegas likes to lay on your boppy when you aren't in it. She thinks it is her new bed. One day soon you will have lots of fun playing with Vegas and Obi. I can't wait to see that.

I hope you always stay so sweet.
Love, Mommy.


Aaron and Jennifer said...

Indeed. They don't stay that little for long-which is both a happy and sad thing for mommy! :) I LOLed about one of your dogs mistakenly thinking his boppy is her new bed. Our dog thinks he owns everything in our house too (and honestly, he does...)! :)

Melanie Montgomery said...

He's so beautiful. He's just the most perfect baby..but I'm biased. :]