Thursday, September 26, 2013

{project life: birth story}

I am starting to work on my photo album for Deegan. As I am working on it I am realizing that  I want it to be more than just an album filled with photos. I want to journal the memories that are forever linked to the photos. I want to tell our story. 

I am really exited about all the little ways I can incorporate this into his album. Here is one example of his birth story. I kept it short and sweet. I wanted to tell the story and the little details but not go too overboard and make it too long.

I also wanted it to be simple enough so that he can read at an early age without too many questions.

I am going to print these as 4x6 photos and put it into the album with the photos of his birth. 
I also have screenshots I am going to print of our facebook status' and things that were happening that day. 
My husband saying I was a trooper.

 My dad posting that my water broke on facebook. 
I love that.
My sister posting that she was an aunt and Deegan was going to have awesome parents. 
Those are the moments that I cherish.
Those memories. 
They tell our story.

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Jayme1115 said...

I love this! And I didn't know until I read your "story" that Deegan and Reagan's birthday is only one day apart! You went into labor right about the time they were taking her out! I think that's a sign they're meant to be...although technically that would make Rea a "cougar" ;)

Keep the posts coming! I love learning about Mister Deegs!