Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Was there an in between?

This cute little romper was too big the first time he wore it and now it is almost too small to fit him now.

Was there an in between that I missed? 

He is already wearing 3 month clothes now and I am packing up the 0-3 month sizes. I don't know if I am going to hold on to much of his clothes since we are not planning on having another baby so I will probably just keep one or two outfits that are special to us so he can have them when he is older. The outfit he wore home from the hospital is one that I am going to keep. It has a motorcycle on it and his daddy was so proud to see him in it. Motorcycles are kinda his thing so we are just assuming that Deegan will love them too.

Yesterday I went to my checkup appt at my doctor's office and to my surprise my appointment is today and my doctor wasn't even there yesterday so they couldn't work me in. Bummer. So, I had to leave and am going back today for my appointment. I am usually more on top of my game with appointments but I guess this little guy has had me distracted so we are gonna try this appointment thing again today and see how that goes. I guess I should start writing things down again to keep up with life. 

It is moving all too fast these days.

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